1. How do I register on Dukkapu?

  • Click on 'Register' located on the top right section of the Dukkapu homepage, fill in the necessary details, select 'Agree on the Privacy Policy' and click 'Confirm'.

2. How do I search for/find products on Dukkapu? 

  • To find goods/products you desire, you can check the various Categories and Sub Categories listed on the homepage.
  • If looking for specific goods/products, you can use the search engine to search for items by name, brand or categories.

3. How do I place an order/shop on Dukkapu?

  • Once you have found goods/products that you desire, you can add them to your shopping cart by selecting 'Add to Cart'. Thereafter, click on 'Shopping Cart' at the top right of the page and select view cart to confirm whether all the goods/products you desire are on your shopping cart.
  • In view cart, you can either add or reduce the quantity of each good/product as you would wish to purchase. You can also remove goods/products that you had previously added to your shopping cart which you do not wish to purchase. If you wish to add more goods/products at this point, select 'Continue Shopping' to take you back to the homepage. If you are satisfied with your shopping cart, select 'Checkout' which will direct you to the checkout page to complete your order.
  • If you do not wish to view goods/products on your shopping cart, you can select 'Checkout' once you click on 'Shopping Cart' at the top right of the page, which will direct you to the checkout page to complete your order.
4. How do I pay for goods on Dukkapu?
  • If you had not registered initially, you can do so at the checkout page by selecting 'Register Account' and fill in all the necessary details before proceeding to making your payment.
  • If you had not logged into your account initially, you can do so at the checkout page by selecting 'Log In' and entering your correct credentials before proceeding to making your payment.
  • After you have registered or logged in, proceed to choosing your preferred payment option from the listed options on the page. Note that if you have a coupon or a gift certificate/e-voucher, you can key in the code that was sent to you by Dukkapu in the appropriate section in the checkout page.
  • After choosing your payment option, follow the payment process indicated and enter the necessary details of the payment. A 'Confirmation Code' will be sent to you to key in and thereafter select 'Complete'. Once the code has been confirmed, select to agree to the 'Terms and Conditions' and click 'Pay Now' to complete your order.
  • An email will be sent to you indicating that your order has been completed along with an invoice for your order.

5. How do I use coupons or gift certificates/e-vouchers on Dukkapu?

  • If you are entitled to receive a coupon or have purchased a gift certificate/e-voucher, Dukkapu will send you the relevant code to allow you to use the coupon or gift certificate/e-voucher to buy goods/products on Dukkapu.
  • Key in the code sent to you by Dukkapu in the appropriate section in the checkout page before choosing your preferred payment option and confirm to apply the coupon or gift certificate/e-voucher.

6. How do I buy a gift certificate/e-voucher on Dukkapu?

  • To purchase an e-voucher/gift certificate, fill on the necessary information in 'Gift Certificates' under the 'Customer Service' section at the bottom on Dukkapu. Dukkapu will sent you the gift certificate code to apply in the checkout page when completing an order.

7. How do I return goods or an order on Dukkapu?

  • A customer is allowed to return goods/items purchased (return policy does not apply for freebies) only in the event of:
    • Damaged goods/items.
    • Goods/items not in good condition, for example, past the expiry date.
    • Goods/items not what the customer had ordered (must be in the original unopened packaging).
  • To return goods/items or an order, the customer shall fill in the details under 'Returns' in the 'Customer Service' section at the bottom on Dukkapu and thereafter contact the Customer Service Centre, within 12 hours after delivery, whereby arrangements will be made for the goods/items or order to be collected.
  • Once the goods/items or order is returned, you will receive a notification.
  • The goods/items or order returned to Dukkapu will be assessed and replaced, and thereafter delivered to the customer’s desired delivery address.
  • In the event the customer does not want the returned goods/items or order replaced, Dukkapu will either make a cash refund to the customer or convert the costs incurred for purchasing into a coupon to be redeemed and used in future purchases.

8. Are goods/items on Dukkapu genuine?

  • On Dukkapu, we ensure that our brands are authentic and sourced from trust-worthy suppliers.

9. Do I need an account to shop on Dukkapu?

  • You need to register an account on Dukkapu to be able to enjoy all the benefits that are available to our registered Dukkapu customers.

10. What is the purpose of the reward points indicated in each good/product?

  • Dukkapu customers get rewarded with these points for the purchase of any good/product on Dukkapu. Once you accumulate these points you can be able to redeem the points for coupons that give you incredible discounts on future purchases.

11. How can I save on Dukkapu?

  • One of the benefits of shopping on Dukkapu is that you are able to find products at lower prices.
  • We recommend you sign-up to the Dukkapu newsletter, as we will give you a heads-up on any sale we are having. We will also keep you up to date with new products and deals on Dukkapu if you check out the 'Deals' category.
  • Also, follow us on social media to stay informed on savings and offers.